Who we are

A team that loves to create

As a manufacturer of water pumps, Fortex strive to develop products that are not only economical and reliable, but also resource-and energy-efficient, compact and durable. In addition, we actively transfer fluid technologies to support infrastructural and industrial growth of developing countries.

Various types of volute pumps, axial-flow pumps, mixed-flow pumps, vortex and gear pumps; submersible motor pumps, pumps units for water supply and fire-fighting equipment; vacuum pumps; screw pumps; vane pumps; various ultrahigh-pressure pumps, ultrahigh and ultralow temperature pumps.

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What we do

Keep it simple

“Extensive contributions to society by providing superior technologies and services related to water supply”

Fortex is constantly thinking of what will be required in the future. It is seeking to accurately grasp the current and future needs of its customers, while it continues its pursuit in developing superior technologies and products in all of its business. In coming years, as we have done in the past,

Fortex will continue to contribute to society by excelling in the development of technologies, as well as in the manufacturing and marketing of its products and by providing high quality support and service.

Wanna see proof? Check out our work!